About Us

Our Journey


KAZYANG was founded on the basis of giving an alternative option to those looking to either upgrade their phone, find a way to help get some extra money in their pocket, or for those who has a surplus of electronics that they don't know what to do with.


Armed with a passion for technology and knowledge of growth within the industry, KazYang developed their own way to help avoid landfills filled with unused smart phones, tablets, or smart watches by Partnering with Mobile Phones Recycling Company in Hongkong and U.S.A.


Our other focus is customer satisfaction. We understand the appeal of wanting to upgrade to the newest device, even if yours is in perfect condition!


We want our customer to get the best value for their phones. We do extensive inspection to determine the appropriate reward; it may even be more than you were originally quoted!


We also offer top-quality devices for you to purchase. If you are looking to buy a phone that you can trust at a much lower rate than buying it direct from the store, KAZYANG is the place for


Complimentary Services

· Customer Service Guarantees

· Free Shipping On All Devices

· Quality Inspections on Your Device

· Warranties on Purchased Devices

· Information and Help Every Step of the Way

· A Dedication To Making Customers Feel Safe and Satisfied.