KazYang Care+

The KazYang Care+ range will give you peace of mind with 12 months warranty, free repair service for one accidental occurrence and free upgrade every year.

Value-Added Services:

Service Item 1: Every iPhone is eligible for one year of hardware factory warranty service during the limited warranty period, The Kazyang Care+ service plan for iPhone extends your service coverage whereby your Phone Screen crack or back, front Glass crack or any other accidental damages is free for the first occurrence. A service fee will be charge for each next accidental occurrence.

Hardware Service Coverage: The KazYang Care+ service plan offers repair or replacement services conducted by Apple authorized technicians, covering components and labor services.

Coverage Includes: • Your iPhone • Battery • Included USB-C to Lightning cable • one free accidental damage warranty services with an associated service fee per next occurrence.

Service Item 2: If within six months of starting the service, you haven't used the free service from Item 1, you can upgrade your phone for free once a year. For instance, you can upgrade from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8 or from an iPhone 12 Pro Max to an iPhone 13 Pro Max. We will recycle your old phone purchased from us at no cost and provide you with a new upgraded phone. This opportunity is available once a year. If you've used the free service from Item 1 in the same year, you'll lose the option to upgrade your phone in that year. This service will be reinstated after purchasing the service again in the second year. If customers dismantle or replace phones or parts purchased from us privately or fix phones from third party engineers, we will cancel all services and no refunds will be provided for value-added services.

Service Item 3: User Repairs: please Bring your iPhone to Kazyang retail stores for repairs or replacements.

Service Item 4: Free Screen Protector for your phone every three months.

Service Item 5: KazYang Care+ Service Plan 1-year term price .

iPhone 14 Series: Start USD 205

iPhone 13 Series: Start USD 170

iPhone 12 series: Start USD 105

iPhone 11 series: Start USD 70

iPhone XSMAS: Start USD 65

iPhone X series: Start USD 65

Actual price depends on model

Service Item 6: This Payment can be made as a full one-time payment alongside the payment of your iPhone, after purchase at Kazyang or you could Make monthly Installments of your package within 3 months but your Care+ will not start till payment is fully completed.